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Recommended Autumn Activity! Fall Foliage and Sake Tasting: Exploring Minamiboso’s Cultural Treasures

Recommended Autumn Activity! Fall Foliage and Sake Tasting: Exploring Minamiboso’s Cultural Treasures image
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The Minamiboso area offers a wide range of attractions to suit all interests. In this article, we will explore three places that are sure to capture the hearts of visitors to Japan – Oyama Senmaida, KAMEDA SAKE Brewery, and Komatsu-Ji Temple.

Oyama Senmaida
The 800 year-old, Oyama Senmaida in Kamogawa City is a charming rice terrace known for its stunning, stair-like pattern, creating a beautiful rural landscape that is a sight to behold. And only a two-hour drive from Tokyo, it is also popular as the closest terraced rice field to Tokyo. You can visit at any time of the year, but from October to January, you’ll be treated to a special sight. The terraced rice paddies are beautifully illuminated, creating a unique and fantastic scenery.

As many people seek the tranquility of the countryside, an “ownership system” has been established to help preserve the landscape and provide a place for urban farmers to experience agriculture. So why not take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit Oyama Senmaida for a refreshing change?

Winner of numerous awards in the prestigious Monde Selection competition, KAMEDA SAKE Brewery is recognized worldwide for its commitment to preserving traditional techniques while incorporating new information and technology to produce high quality sake tailored to Japanese cuisine and climate.

Whether it’s a sake with a hint of a mountain forest or one that gives a momentary sensation of soft sweetness but quickly develops into a dry aftertaste, it’s clear that the brewery has mastered the art of producing sake with unique and interesting flavors that leave a lasting impression on its customers.

The brewery offers various facilities to enhance customers’ stay, such as a free “Daiginjo amazake” tasting, a gallery featuring works by photographer Lawrence Huff, and a tasting corner for sake and souvenirs. For customers looking for a place to relax and enjoy a glass of sake, KAMEDA SAKE Brewery brews up a delightful atmosphere to raise a toast to their visit with their delicious sake!

Komatsu-Ji Temple
As one of the oldest temples in the area, Komatsu-Ji has a rich history and is said to have been founded by Enno Ozunu during the era of Emperor Monmu. But the real attraction during the fall season is the magnificent fall foliage! From mid-November to mid-December, visitors can enjoy the changing colors of the maple and ginkgo trees.

Upon arrival, you will pass through the vermilion-painted Niomon Gate and the tunnel of maple trees, and enter a world of tranquility where you can enjoy the beautiful fall foliage of the large maple trees. Come and experience the beauty of Komatsu-Ji Temple during the fall season!

These three sites offer experiences that showcase the natural beauty, traditional techniques, and rich history of the area. Whether you’re looking for peace and tranquility or an exciting adventure, be sure to add Minamiboso to your itinerary.