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Eat-all-you-want Strawberry Picking

Eat-all-you-want Strawberry Picking image
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In the greenhouse across the river behind Biwa Club, you can pick and eat all the strawberries you want fresh off the bed.

There’s more where that came from.

With nine varieties of strawberries, each with a distinctive balance between sweetness, sourness, and fragrance, you can easily compare the difference and find the flavour profile you like best. I ate my fill of exotic strawberries like the Angel Eight white strawberries, Momoka and Toukun peach-flavoured strawberries, Chiba-developed Chiba Berry, premium Tomu Berry, as well as other varieties such as Akanekko, Akihime, Benihoppe, and my all-time favourite, Yayoihime. Momoka is exclusive to Biwa Club.

They said that the tip of the strawberry is the sweetest. Try removing the hull and eating from that end so that your last bite is the sweet tip! Or just pick a strawberry with multiple or wide tips!

You’ll find all shapes and sizes of strawberries in the greenhouse that you will never find in stores. Come and rewrite your understanding of strawberries!

My three favourites, Yayoihime, Chiba Berry, and Momoka.
Hands down the wide tip is sweeter
Angel Eight: lightly pink with red seeds
If you find a heart-shaped strawberry, maybe you’ll have good fortune?