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Minamiboso Firefly Fantasia

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Enjoy the glow of fireflies on the land and in the sea at the Firefly Fantasia  event, sponsored by The Minamiboso City Hot Spring Association.


The event takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between May 31st and June 23rd in the conservatory in Shirahama Flower Park.

Admission is free when you stay at accommodation of The Minamiboso City Hot Spring Association (see list below). Otherwise admission is 500yen for junior high school students and up. Elementary students and younger are free.


Accommodations of The Minamiboso City Hot Spring Association

01 Rokuya (Website Japanese)  Address: Rokuya, 494 kushi, minamiboso City

02 Bentenkousen (Website Japanese) Address:Bentenkousen, 487 koura, Minamiboso City

03 Hotel Jungle Palace (Website Japanese)  Address: Jungle Palace, 1337-1 Shirahamacho-Nemoto, Minamiboso City

05 Monya (Website Japanese)  Address: Monya, 232 Shirahamacho-Shirahama, Minamiboso City

06 Nankaisou (Website English – Japanese) Address: Nankaisou, 623-13 Shirahamacho-Shirahama, Minamiboso City

07 Shirahama Ocean Resort (Website EnglishJapanese) Address: 2784 Shirahamacho-Shirahama, Minamiboso City

08 Iidaya Onsen (Minamiboso City Hot Spring Association Website Japanese)  Address: 2641 Shirahamacho-Shirahama, Minamiboso City

09 Nangoku Hotel (Website Japanese)  Address: 2544-1 Shirahamacho-Shirahama, Minamiboso City

10 Grand Hotel Taiyo (Website EnglishJapanese)  Address: 3535-5 Shirahamacho-Shirahama, Minamiboso City

11 Boso Shirahama Umisato Hotel (Website Japanese)  Address: 7034 Shirahamacho-Shirahama, Minamiboso City

12 Sainantan (Minamiboso City Hot Spring Association Website Japanese)  Address: 6768-1 Shirahamacho-Takiguchi, Minamiboso City

13 Siawasesou (Website Japanese)  Address: 68 kawaguchi, chikura, Minamiboso City

14 Chikurakan (Website EnglishJapanese)  Address: 1045 Chikuracho-Minamiasai, Minamiboso City

15 Yawarasou (Website Japanese)  Address: 3291 Chikuracho-Seto, Minamiboso City

17 Hotel Chikura (Website Japanese)  Address: 2980-12 chikuracho-seto, Minamiboso City

18 Yumemisaki (Website Japanese)  Adress: 3137-1 Chikuracho-Seto, Minamiboso City

19 Aokuratei (Website Japanese)  Address: 3140-1 Chikuracho-Seto, Minamiboso City