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Minamiboso Photo Contest

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Let us see the photos of your favourite Minamiboso!

The Minamiboso Photo Contest Committee is having a photo contest in order to rediscover the appeal of Minamiboso.
We would like you to send your photos through Photo Bank ( ) or to email the photos at direcly to Mr. Sato who is in charge of the contest (available in English).
Photos that you think represent Minamiboso City and the surrounding area can be entred to the contest. *Photos must be taken after 2017.

**COPYRIGHTS: Please note that by submitting your photograph(s) to the Minamiboso Photo Contest, you agree to forfeit the rights of said photographs to Minamiboso City, and that Minamiboso City may use the photographs for publicity purposes.

For more information, check “Visit Minamiboso