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Traditional Knife Ceremony

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A special Knife Ceremony (Hocho-Shiki) takes place on Wednesday 17th October in Takabe Shirin. A fish is prepared using just a knife and long chopsticks. Hands never touch the fish itself, as it must be kept pure in order to be offered to the gods.

Place: Takabe Shrine (164 Minamiasai, Chikura-cho, Minamiboso City)
Date: Wednesday 17th October 2018
Time: The performance starts around 11:20 am
Performer: Mr. Kensei Ohashi from Ibaraki Pref. Branch, Shijo-shin Style.

The theme of the ceremony is “Hiryu no suzuki” (Japanese seaperch is prepared as imagined flying dragon)
There will be shops of local speciality, knife sharpening service and more.

Takabe Shrine