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Female Volunteers Wanted for Night Swim Festival

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South Area
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The Minamiboso Tourism Association is seeking female volunteers to be Ama (female divers) for the Ama Festival in Shirahama on July 14th and 15th.

The annual festival honors the local tradition of diving for shellfish that Ama continue to this day. Volunteers will dress in traditional Ama clothes provided to them and carry torches as they swim in the ocean at night. Participants who can’t swim are welcome to stand on the shore with their torch.

Practice will be held at Iso pool near Nojimasaki Lighthouse at 1 p.m. Event begins around 8 p.m. at the port in front of the lighthouse.

If interested, email with your name, address, home or cell number, e-mail address, and which days you would like to participate (1 day or both days). If you need accommodation please indicate so in your email. Space is available to participants in a shared room (futon provided) for a fee.

Please bring swim shoes to protect your feet on land and in the water, as well as a light-colored swimsuit to wear under the white costume.

There is no deadline to sign up but an early response is appreciated. Participants will be accepted until 1 p.m. at the start of practice the day of.

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